Blog Consulting

Whether you just started out in the blogging world or you’ve been at it for awhile, Alison would love to schedule a time to sit down, set goals, make an action plan, and then check back in later so that you achieve your goals. 

Blog consulting is helpful for many reasons, including social media growth, increased blog traffic, creating graphics for your site, or any number of goals you choose! 

It works like this: contact Alison to set up a FREE 15-minute consultation. Then, after the consultation, you’ll spend some time thinking through your blog goals for the coming months. Next, you’ll have a 1-hour goal-setting, strategy-implementing phone call with Alison. Finally, Alison will check in throughout the month via email and will schedule another follow-up phone call for 2 months out. 

Blog consulting holds you accountable, gives you an easy-to-implement game plan, and provides the support you need to achieve your goals & grow your blog! 

Web Design & Branding

Branding is the key to a well-run business. It is essential that the customer knows exactly what your business or blog offers, and this is best achieved through well-thought-out branding.
Nick and Alison will work closely with your blog or business to develop a story for your brand. They’ll then translate the story into a cohesive brand with a logo, color palette, and marketing material.
Web design comes next. Having an organized, user-friendly website makes a world of difference as you grow your business.
We work with self-hosted WordPress sites to custom-design a theme that coordinates with your brand and compliments your message. Your website will be unique – even if you use the same theme as the blogger next door.

Backend Help

When you have a website, any number of things can go  wrong. Maybe your site is running on super-slow speed. Or maybe your site just “disappeared” and all you see is a white screen. Or maybe you woke up, opened your blog, and everything looks strange and out of order. 

Whatever the problem may be, Nick can help. He is a problem-solver to the core, and he doesn’t rest until the problem has been solved. He’s been known to answer many a text that say, “HELP!”

Other backend work that Nick can do includes switching your domain name, host provider, or backing up your site. 

He is also happy to look “behind the scenes” of your blog anytime to problem solve, determine if you have an outdated plugin, or anything in between. Anything that makes you nervous makes Nick excited. 

Seriously. He’s great guys. (Written by Alison) 

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